Isnin, 31 Disember 2007

30TH DECEMBER-amiera's surprised party!

well, on the 30th of December,,, me, wahidah, yasmin and asyiqin made a surprise party for amiera. Pergh, lama gila nk tunggu dia balik. From 1pm we waited, kul 4pm baru balik. hahaha, anyway, surprise punya pasal. kami tunggu! hahahaha. it wass fun, it went actually like in the reality shows PUNK'D version malaysia. haha where we'd actually PUNK'D version malaysia amiera! we called her:
ME : amiera, awak ade dapat present dari kita tak? kita send guna mail.

AMIERA: present. takde pon.

ME: cuba awak check mailbox awak. manatau ade present, awak baru balik kan?
(di situ hampir terkantoi) takpe takpe. cuba check mailbox awak.

amiera pulak fikir, how come hadiah muat masuk mailbox.
ishh bodohnye plan. hahaha.
then, amiera went out, wearing the hawaiian shorts, trying to look after the mailbox.
kah kah, tak sangka dia pergi tgk dow.
pandai pulak plan.
then we scremed out loud,
SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU..BLABLA BLABLABLA.
surprise bebeh.

ceh, takkan lah taknak jadi camwhore satu hari. penat menggu nih. haha, camera canon je. takde bajet2 photog punye. haha.

Isnin, 17 Disember 2007

When Four Chicks attacked Bukit Bintang.

17 TH DECEMBER 2007.
firstly, i wanna thanked MY DAD, for letting me go to KL. FINALLY. fuhh, what a controversial story hindraf gonna make their another assmbly. thank god takde, and thats the only reason i managed to go to Bukit Bintang. Wokay, the traffic was smooth as we actually took trains to
go there. Uh Hu, then we took the monorail, jumpa A. SAMAD SAID!!!!!! hahaha, dia handsome. :)) then, we reached Times Sq. jalan-jalan, grrr, seriously bau cina there. sick sick sick. then we walked to the Sg. Wang, hah, on our way, we stopped at one stall, selling handmade bags. Cool lah, w the colours and cartoon designs. Weda thought of buying it, but, later.. On the way balik lah. Masuk sg. wang, bau cina juga. But better sket lah. Mhmmmmm, boooring, then gerak PV. like omg, PV is a one BIIIIIIGGGGGGGGGG building. haha, uhuh, too bad i didn't bring enough money to shop there. weda bought a pair of shoes, after we had our lunch there.

Then, we mey weda's cousin and his friend. Jalan, and jalan and jalan, at some point, we felt really-really tired. then we stopped at Starbucks Coffee BB plaza. Mhmmmm, tired doh. tp boleh cuci mata. uihhh, byk hot pule. :)) After 4hours walking, we hv decided to go home. When we almost reach TSQ., weda just remembered that she left her shoes at starbucks. Thank God cousin dia di BB plaza and managed to help her. Weda then go back to the stall which sell handmade bags, she hv decided to buy one.

Ili then ckp kuat-kuat, 'ask the guy whether he's married or not'.
She thought that guy tak dgr,
suddenly he answered:
GUY: I'M FROM BANGKOK. (he's good looking btw.)
wooh., kami tergelak-gelak mcm hantu. hahaha.
then he told his friend,
okayyy, that guy gave weda 2 ringgit discounts, like hell his friend asked curiously:
GUY: 38ringgit
(then weda smiled)
AHAH,so cute.
when we reached TSQ, we met weda's cousin on the 5th floor,
then went back home. tired tired tired. but it was funnnn.
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, 4 places in a day. :))

Rabu, 12 Disember 2007



well, now it's 7.30 pm. clearly i'm on date so that's why i managed to write another crap. well, not a crap actually. today, 12th DECEMBER 2007, i hung out at sacc w the bestfriends, weda, yasmin, nina, amiera, farhan and asyiqin. then we met arman and emil. it was fun. talking and crapping, wondered around tanpa hala tuju. tangkap gambar and mengucap banyak-banyak. fun fun fun. haha, semua mcm fun je. haha, well, my life maybe fun. i guess. haha, can't wait for this monday, 17th dec, another day to hangout. BB, here we come!

photos: thnks yasmin<3>

Isnin, 10 Disember 2007

8/12 Party, OFFSPRING!

first of all, i would like to wish Amirah, a very happy belated birthday! you're 14 dude. aahah,

yes, the 8/12 PARTY was a splash and yet will never be frgttn. tuition mates gathered together,

ya,amirah,me,hannah,faqiha, and june. it was cool. hvng brbeque, water balloon fight, truth or dare games and gossiping hours. thanks to zya's parents for letting us trash the house, and thanks to the maid for cleaning it back, and thanks to her brother, for watching us having fun. it was a blast since we all miss each other dyingly. poor who weren't there. well, thanks to amirah and zya for kipas-ing the charcoal sampai jadi bara. thanks to faqiha for making some p-e-a-c-e. thanks to hannah for the cake, thanks to june for some snacks and thanks to me for cheer up the day. ahah. :) it was fun fun and funnn to be w the tuition mates yg macam bertahun tak jumpa.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaa, i loveyou. poohh. rindu siot.

i love groonghe!
p/s: idk wht groonghe means.

Ahad, 2 Disember 2007


I believe in friends. I believe, besides family, friends are the place where we can share secrets, pain and difficulties. I believe they are the reasons of someone's success. I believe they can be with you through thick, thin, rough and smooth. Well, i do have friends i really really love. It's not that i don't like others, but these people below where i can find the cure when i'm sick.
8 years of knowing you since 7 years old,
began w all the fights, hate and revenge.
Well, all i can say, we ended up pretty nice.
and you're cool.

Nur Eleena Hidayah
Ohh, 7 years of friendship.
Si hotsufflah katakan. haha.
you're cool.

Nurul Wahidah.
7years juga.
I love you bebeh.

became close since 2004,
until now, we can't be saperated.


The Good-I-Love-Friends.

Ili Amirah.
befriended since 2001,
2003, -2005 :lost contact
2006-now: ILY.

befriended since 2003,
but not as close as now.

Izzati Syahirah
befriended since 2003

Kak Athirah :))

Zyarina Zya
Tuition mate bebeh.
the coolest.

Faqiha Shaheera
Tuition Mate

dia best.

Maryam Adila.
good friend:D

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