Selasa, 27 November 2007

27TH November 2007-MALL

Hello people. We meet again. alright, since i mentioned before this is my digital daily routine diary, well not specifically lah. But yeah, every fun and interesting activities i did on a day, i will write em' down to keep it refresh on my memory. Well, on 27th November 2007, i went to mall9 and hung out w adila,nabilah,aisyah,sophia and mia. oh, it was funn. hahah, nab brought her cam D50, dila brought her D40 , sophee w her D40X and me w C-PS420(JE). oH, oh, we went to the mall, and played at the arcade about 5 mins and then lepak-ed at BR30. Mhm, then we went to padang to take picturess and then they all guling-guling kat rumput which was totally gatal. ahaha,poor dila,nab and mia. muahahhahaha, andd then we met ijat,aza, and epul. thought nk pegi jamming dgn phee, but the studio seemed to be closed padahal ade kasut. uh, confirm tanak costumers. then pegi balek padang and duduk-duduk, took some pictures and pegi balik mall, beli air dan cake. Jumpa yasmin!! nk kejar dia, hilang pula. then chow. uhuhu, it was fun. sbb, i hung out dgn people which i jarang hang out. they're cool. nothing bad happened just like the day before. ahah. yeah. they all tangkap gmbr yg best2. unfrtunately, camera phee tiada battery, so it cannot be used. emm,do see all the pictures below and comment. ciao. Munifah and Dila.


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