Rabu, 26 Mac 2008


Kids are so my inspiration. Do not abuse them. They're the reason we're living in a colourful and joyful world.
So, treat them the same way you treated everybodyelse.
Please, stop abusing them!

Sabtu, 22 Mac 2008

Safely Addicting Drugs.

Hello people. Back again So, it is 1.41 a.m. Saturday morning. Obviously I'm bored so I've looked for some pictures at Google which I can use to be edited. Clearly, I'm in the 'zone' of addiction towards Black and White(B&W) editing styles whereby we get to feel the emotion of a picture if we fully touch it with black and white. And yes, i believe that's my trademark so far. B&W photo editor. Bukan nak fikir pro, but I'm rather more interested in retouching a photo using black and white. My first touch of sephia.

More pictures will be updated soon.

Rabu, 19 Mac 2008

I Misplaced My Screw

21st March ; 12.43 a.m. Another whole day to start yet i could not forget what happened for the past 2 days. Okay, so I spent a whole day today at the hospital to look after my grandad, which was quite fun as all family members were there. Jeez, I could suffer critical low-temperature crisis by staying there the whole day. It was frigging cooooollldd.Anyway, on Wednesday I participated in a competition at SMK Alam Megah (picture above). I believe i don't have to mention what was it about but I did screwed up. That's it. Badly screwed. Grr, God, how come uh? I practised like zillions of times, but when I have to perform, seemed like I couldn't memorise anything. Okay, yang sudah tu sudah. But one thing I couldn't take my eyes off was the chairman. Man, awww awww haha. Cair siot tengok. Haha, like sejuk mata memandang. Haha, another guy that caught my eyes. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh(the sound of unrelieved). hehe. Okay, right now, I'm in need of a whole new month whereby I can forget the past and start a new life. Like, find the right soulmate. Hahah, PMR weh! Alright, stop stop stop.
Anyway, I miss watching Heath Ledger on screen. Why do you have to die so fast? You make me suffer. ISH!

Chad Kroeger Sang Me Lullaby

I don't know what has gotten into me until i don't feel like i have some kind of life. Plus plus my grandad is admitted in the hospital, again. Some kind of complications. And I'm in some kind of EXTRA-WO-WO tense. Seriously people. I'm not fooling around. I need someone to put in in the casualty where i belonged before. Peh, i didn't mean to make it sounded emo-ish, but probably i'm in that situation. Another plus plus, the public speaking, which i have to memorise, i had a long week to do that but no way, i can't just ruin my holidays just to memorise a 4 minutes essay. mhmhmhm, anyway. I'm in a goaldamnit words of wisdoms as to encourage me to continue life. Aaa, again emo-ish-ish. Sorry.

anyway, PMR. pressure siot. grrr. semua ckp senang je, tah why ah.
yknw what, kalau i dpt 8a,
my uncle promises me to give me 100 bucks for each A i got.
so far, THAT'S MY GOAL. then i can dream to get a DSLR. tambah sikit pocket money.
mhmmmmmm. D60 the latest one. Mesti mahal. waaa, cair cair.

Isnin, 17 Mac 2008

So Called An Iron Man.

AKU KUAT! HAR HAR HAR. ish ish. Makan biskot tigger aku jadi kuat. tapi tanak minum susu; banyak lemak. School's today-.- erk tiring, sleepy sleepy. But i hv committed to myself not to sleep today.

Okay, Chelsea:Sunderland-1:0. Ok lah. Tang tang kalah dgn sndrlnd mesti kena caci punya. Terry, my life saviour :) He did say;
"I scored regularly for four years and it was a big part of my game but I have hit a bit of a dry patch which is disappointing. I've been doubled up on and very tightly marked so it's been difficult but I'm aiming to score a few more this season.
"We are right in the mix and in a great position. A few months ago we were 13 points behind but we are quietly coming up the rails and playing very well.
"Sunderland are a very good side, very hard working, very honest and gave us a good battle. It's times like this when the experience comes through. We had to dig our heels in and make it difficult. When we won the league in 2005 we had a lot of 1-0 victories."
aww. hahahahah. dah dah.
anyway, yesterday i watched SNOOP DOGG'S FATHERHOOD, 1st time! ha ha, i wonder why hah hllywood celebrity likes to show off their life where it was actually looked pretty fake? publisity? i dont know. mhmhm, well yesterdy ws the episode where snoop asked some favour from Beck to teach his kids play FOOTBALL. yknw, football, not futball. haha, they said it sucks. ahaha. American doesnt knw football en. Anyway, watch it evry sunday on E! time, malam. tah.

anyway, i got fullmarks on maths. whhhooooo. ahahah. of course i'm happy. surely tipu kalau tak. ish ish, dgn amar lg. grr, enough la dia conquer science. haha, jgn marah. and and, i just bought a sweater kat f21. man, lawa gile, tp mcm panas. anyway, suke jugak! but i want this sweater, found it on http://www.forever21.com/ May holidays haaaa.

hehehe. mummy, boleh en? pls pls. alalalal. grr. masa ni lah muka baik keluar. we'll see ah. i'm in the middle of money breakdown. saving gile-gile. pls do undrstnd. serious ni, betul betul bukan cobaan. wait, i smell something fishy, something sweaty, something..... ME. eh mandi mandi.bye.

Sabtu, 15 Mac 2008

I Can Taste The Chillies

hello. Come lei è?
Sono bello. la ringrazia.
the recent holidays, wasn't as fun as before. Of course the PMR pressure, argh. and life lagi. man, those stuff almost ruin my life. I'm not prepared for all those pressures. Anywy, holidays.
Thought it would be as splendid as i wanted to, but it ws just a week holidays, what more we can do right. Besides hanging out w good friends, best friends, online w former schlmate yet still gdfriend.

Of course, after quite some time i haven't met my friends, things changed CLEARLY mate.
from nice, she becomes evil. from decent, she becomes arrogant. from unforgettable, she becomes unnoticeable. from friendly, he becomes untalkative. yeah, sort of.

but things did turned well to. I met some new friends too;
awaina and vamps.
firdaus; dila's mate.
and do re mi fa so la ti do.

but one thing i miss dearly, Nurlina Shaharuddin. Girl, when do we have the time like before huh? i WILL visit you. JHAN-JHI.

and there were certain things didn't turned out so well, like cancellation pegi BB, cancellation itu, cancellation ini. mhm. so guess, we can't put high hopes on something right.

anyway, i'm on my way to make a clothing line with my partner named Aisyah. We're thinking about clothing line that protects unseen-able people. So, yeah, do support us and kalau nak order. Boleh aja, but tggu design siap. tak mahal, tak sampai RM25 pon.

till then, arrivederci.
Avere un giorno buono.

Khamis, 13 Mac 2008

Mi Amor.

090308- i went out w my tuition mate. man man man! i miss you guys.
-zya,atiqah,hannah and june thnk you so much for accepting my invi. best gile weh.
okay, first2, we met kat mcd9. man like lama gile tak jumpa,
update cerita lah kan. situ, sini, sana, tuu. aha.
then, we went to arcade, habiskan almost 50bucks kat sana. ahahaha, but i didnt contribute anything at all.
chit.. ngee:D
then we went to some stalls where zya and atiqah allow me to choose anything i want there as my birthday gift.
woooh. hahahah.
then we went to starbucks, drank 3 venti Frappucinos, before the rain started to fight cat and dog. ahah. and we ended this gathering around 5pm. seems like i cant buy this kind of joy anywhere.


Do the Hoo-la-Hoop

Well, on 11th of March, i went out w WEDA, NINA, YEN, FAB, PAAN, DILA, SIDEK at sunway.
aha, i watched Step up2----->AGAIN. serious shit, cerita tu best kalau tak takkan tgk 2 kali en. ahah. ANYWAY, i miss them all already, cuti ni datang bukan selalu.
then diorng belikan cake. Surprise2. mann, main cilik2 kek kat muka.
aaaaaaaaaaaaa. yum yum, kek tu sedap. thanks girls. :))
mhmm. dang, rindu gila. btw, i miss leena too. mhmm, wonder when do i hv the time nk dtg rumah dia, shees.

as you all knw, on the 4th mrch ws my brthday, so i wanna thank;
-leena for the movie!!!
-dila for the card.
-izzati for the necklace and card.
-fitrah for the lettered 'M' necklace.
-farhan for the red pillow.
-atiqah for the bangle.
-zya for the phone hanger. haha.
-kak athirah for the choc.
-kakak for the P/S I LOVE YOU novel by cecelia ahern.
-ayah for the $$ bucks.
-june for the box? hee.
-atuk for $$bucks.
-mummy for the cake.
and lastly,
-weda,nina,yen and fab for the surprise cake.

anyone i forgot? do remind me.

thnk you so much much.
:D :D :D


Selasa, 4 Mac 2008

Birthday, melt me inside.

it's 7.33pm, tuesday 4th march, Oh my goat! my mom bought me a cake!
and i just blew the candles.
i love you mother, uncle, sister and Dad!
4th of mrch, what a memorable day. for some reason, of course i felt so happy eventhough there were no such parties, gifts or cards, however, wishes and chocs good enough to cheer me up. thnks friends for wishing me with all your kind heart, may God bless you with every single of His blessings. 1stly, thnks leena for taking me to movies the other day. Kak athirah for the chocs and somebody for a good night call. thank you. i wish i could treat you back, but my words are plenty and my penny aren't. so, wait for a gathering i guess. Wait, especially Acap, thnks ye for keep on wishing me. malu seyh. hahah of course because yours one day before mine, so, mungkin susah lupa. anyhow, thnks. there's plenty of ppl i would like to say thnks to. Mates from http://www.myspace.com/munifah, school mate, old friends, seniors, ex-seniors and family. thnks again.
wait wait, these people too;
kak na, megat frm ms, danial the senior, fatimahazzahrah, tihani7, syaqira7, asyiqin.
orang-orang ni aku jumpa pon jarang, cakap pon jarang, but diorng wish. thnks again.

Isnin, 3 Mac 2008

Sparkles instead of glitters

man, he took my words. aha, school's sports day was fun. i hv no idea how'd i managed to get all the spirits to cheer for my RED team. ahah, 1st time rasa semangat gila. anyway, i didn't run for 4by4m. tukar orang. fuhhhhh (wiping the sweats all over the face) if not, sure i'll faint in the middle of the track. aha, anyhow, please do not laugh me tomorrow. you'll see why.

anyway, siapa ada video for the movie step up 2, video masa last dance in the rain tu. pls pls pls. haha.

okay, back to school things. i got 75% in sejarah. ISH ISH ISH. geram gila. sah sah bab 3 hancccur. congrats rahim100%, kebanggaan cikgu. I can't wait for the upcoming holiday this week. starting w the election punya cuti, ahaha, goreng BN. okay, today, after sports day, i looked at ckgu suraya punya muka, woh, merah gila. i wonder why. then, all of a sudden, she said 'INI HARI SUKAN PALING TAK ADIL' man why? en en, i felt so guilty.
aahahahhaa, kesiannya and she actually encouraging us not to come to sclh. best teacher award goes to her i guess. mhmhm. so far, nothing actually exciting happen so, i better stop here.

aha, i wonder, bila kak na nak belanja aiskerem?

yum yum haha

Ahad, 2 Mac 2008

Movie Birthday Ticket

so, leena belanja wayang tadi, 2nd march, for my birthday. THANK YOU LEENA! :D and dia belanja popcorn. meow. we watched step up 2:the streets. it was so freakin' cool. ahaha, i wonder how could they dance like that. the krumping ping ping. waaaa, meleleh air liur. channing tatum grew janggut. haha, you look old. you should see the movie. it gives payback.

then i went to leena's house. we turned on LOW by flo-rida and dance like in the movie. it was phun-ney. we should do that another time.

so, tomorrow's my school's sports day, man i gotta run for 4x400m, wonder if i faint in the middle of the track. PBSM, TOLONG. no, i will not scream, but pandai pandai pbsm carik en. kak faten, kalau tak tolong siap.
hahaha, tak pasal2 dia kena pula. anyway, good luck amigos.

Sabtu, 1 Mac 2008

Brace Yourself Munifah

life's like a vase en, once broken considered sold. watch for people you're being nice w, sometimes they're rather harmful than the talkative newbies. well, yeah, now i realized life isn't so fun when it comes to the matter about facing the bckstbbr. damn i really hate it. well surely it has been so distracting twrds my studies and my social life. but, praise to Allah, i have 3 irreplaceable backbones, beloved kakak, kak athirah and leena. you guys have been such an amazing people and god knows how to repay your kindness. yeah, first and for most, do not trust anyone in your life. we may search for thousands of friends, but the best, hardly can be found. well, this is the life's consequences, i have to face it somehow. hope I'll get over it a.s.a.p.
anyway, stop being so emo-ish munifah. get a life!

okay, so. chelsea won 4-0 against west ham, pretty impressive. haha, bodo gila, spurs boleh kalah, west ham boleh menang. well i heard the line up can make a diff, well sure they did. ahah. so from now on, nk tgk bola balik lah. thought nk putus asa kan lepas chelsea kalah, seri,kalah,seri. ahah, follow balik!

so, i miss leena. ahaha :D :D :D

i miss lepak di padang.

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