Ahad, 27 April 2008

Gravitationally Shaking.

Saturday night was superb.

In addition, Chelsea won over Man U, it was like, swollen dozens plates of fresh cream beef lasagna.
wahhh, can you imagine.

before that, my phone vibrated; a call from panahpetir;
'i'm coming ovr to shah alam.'
ohoh, then i remmbr the Pakai shirt.
thnks fazlan for the shirt.
Appreciate yr gallons of oil cming over to shah alam.
sorry for crapping, i believe i have no regular readers. So, mind your business.


Spaghetti Battle On The Line.

Saturday, 26th October 08; venue: Aina's Crib.
Comment of the day: AWESOME.
Why: Because WE gathered, it's hard yknw.
Activities of the day:
Cooking Spaghetti.
-The sauce were 'masam' man. harhar. too much tomato sauce i guess.
ahaha, thnks to aina and syirnee for cooking, or else we couldnt hv our lunch for the rest of the day. And for addition, the lemonade; pheww, masam either. aaaa.
the 'masam'est day of the year. ngehe

Walking To Syirnee's Crib then back to Aina's again.
Why? for some reason idk. And yet it was still fun. :)

Went to Syirnee's Crib and We Played The Dance Pad.
Master experts terkial-kial nak main duh. Hahah, i suck. Thnks bebeh.


Chelsea's Fans.

Glory, Glory, Glory Chelsea!
Chelsea won! Oh yeah.. BOOM baby.
2-1, Love you bebeh Ballack.
Nothing much to comment.
I'm not experts anyway.
A Ballack double, a calamitous Carvalho error, Rooney injured, Ronaldo left on the bench, Drogba arguing with team mates.
ish ish, whatever.
May You Rest In Peace, Pat Lampard.
well, it's already 2.00am.
my bed awaits.


Jumaat, 11 April 2008

More Photos On Layar Tanchap

Pictures Taken w Canon EOS 40D. (click for larger image)

Poet From UiTM Puncak Perdana.


Miss Fynn ft. Tongkat (+myo and naim ock)

Grey Sky Morning.


Poet From UiTM Puncak Perdana.


Decma & The Could Have Been.

Ana Raffali ft. Aidit Alfian.



Sabtu, 5 April 2008

Layar Tanchap, 4th April.

Good day people. Evening mate. It's 6.42 pm. How are you? Anyway, last night, 4th april, I went to Layar Tanchap," an event of action and reaction. Content exists without the form. It is an event of unexpected acts. It is about relations and response. It is about nothing becoming something. It is about an exploration with no intention. It is not about the result or of the meaning of the whole, but rather, the experience of each moment in the event" at Galeri Shah Alam w kakak and kak Athirah.

It was awesomely, terrifically, splendidly exciting! I came early as org layar baru nak set up barang. Anyway, it was fun. Performances by Serambi(opening), Decma&tchb, Grey Sky Morning, Miss Fynn , Ana Raffalia and byk lagi lah. Booth by bangkit, our happiness, chantq, pesawat and etc. Miss fynn paling best kot. But sorry, i don't think i snapped lots of pictures sbb enjoy tgk performances. :) I went home around 12am, before Funky Doryz perform. Aaaaaaa, sob sob. mmm anyway, I bought their cd, Bunkface pon beli. *kening*kening* hehe.
Good day.

More pictures will be updated soon.

Khamis, 3 April 2008

I Shall Pretend

As the day passed, I believe April hasn't been so fun, YET. But, I hope it will be as I've gone through some worse day in April. I believe it has nothing to do with you all, well, mampuslah, this is my blog, sucker.

I don't like people to fool me around. Seriously, I'm in the middle of frustration, decent apology and guiltiness. For those who has some kind of intention to fool me around and not doing things right, you better stop yrself from doing it. Otherwise, you'll be served with a rather worse action. Might be quietly.
Anyway, i would like to write something to someone;

A letter for an apology.
Dear Friend (yknw who y are.),
First and for most, thanks for coming the other day. There were so much I wanted to say, but I was in a middle of embarrassment. And yknw what kind of condition i was in.
2ndly, sorry for not treating you so well, i knw you came all the way from another section, but we couldn't make it. It was my fault. Anyway, thanks again for coming. I appreciate it. I really really mean it.
Thanks again mate.
I might be stupid, dumb, jerk, ass, psycho, imitator, loser, cranky, exotic, pathetic, plain, hyper, mischievous, optimistic, stalker, vibrant bla bla bla. But I believe everybody else does. Do not take any advantages from someone cause you might suffer for the worse.

For those who might read this blog, sorry for crapping.


Selasa, 1 April 2008

Stuck Duck Suck Chuck.

Woo ho. It's April. Man, I've waited for so long. New month, new surprises, new agenda, new life, new here, new there and more and more and more. Gr, but i believe the school is getting more and more hectic as the PMR are getting nearer and we have to settle the Pafa, Peka and hafazan in a short term. Man, i wish i could turn back time, become young childish kid AGAIN and never ever think about studies. But I'll pass. Anyway, today, i think i screwed my Kh project. Darn! Gr, dateline this Thursday, and all i have to mind myself to settle frigging Kh project. Besides revising my Geography book, whereby the competition is tomorrow. Another Darn! And band practise like i haven't practise my bass cover for 3 songs. Another Darn! Gr and now I'm just stuck like a duck, quacking for my saviour to came and save me.

Anyway, Geography-folio. Dang! I thought the teacher sang me lullaby because i terribly went sleepy during the class. And herself kept on explaining the folio. Ha ha, you were monologuing! And right now I'm turning into a psycho freak, crapping too much for nothing.

And and, I see Bangkit is coming this friday at Galeri Shah Alam. I wish I could go. I need an accompany. Ha ha, ade acoustic performance. Ade funky doryz. Mhmmmm.

Mummy mummy, look in my eyes,
Please Let Me Go.

Anyway, I have to settle my homeworks, especially KH mcm gila piau.
Bye. -.-


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