Khamis, 29 Mei 2008

Big Hellos

Yes, so plan to meet Nab and Kae today tak jadi. WTF, I met one of you kat Mall. Busy en? Bla la.
So yeah today I met Wahidah, Yasmin and Farhan. Dang, I miss you guys so much.
Wait wait, then Farhan told me his AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING experience during his 8 days holiday at Europe.
Pergi mana kau?
Brussels, Amsterdam, Paris, Holland, England?
Weh kira sikit weh. Kira en.
Wth, kasi aku jealous je. Kau tahu holiday aku boring gila. Kau sedap-sedap enjoy kat Europe. Baju tak beli pon. HAHA-.- Gurau Mate.
Wait, no, AKU SERIOUS. :((
Yeah, I may not go to Europe, so I heard every inch of the story he told me. Yes, super duper amazing.
Nah, anyway,
Yeah, so feel so disappointed right now, for some reason I don't want to share. I guess i can't really rely on somebody i just knew. Dumb everybody else. Yes, I like my friends, and love them. JUST MY FRIENDS,


Wow, it's now holiday. Omg, the time i've been waiting for.

Can't holiday be any better?
before it even started, my mum warned me not to go out for the sake of PMR.
wth deyh.
Argh, i even haven't finish working on the folio,
math homeworks and 3 essays writing. Argh, i wonder how SPM would be,
even tension-er?
Argh, ini sungguh kejap.
Tidak terlintas this would happen. ARGHHH,
and i can't go out.
Walaweyh. HELP. I' not dare enough to lie to my parents or sister,
ish, i miss my bestfriends, i bet i have no time to spend with you guys this holiday. :((
wait till pmr is done. argh, i'm pissed.

Rabu, 28 Mei 2008

Moshing Video At Sri Aman's BOTB.

The band which brought up the mosh is Happy Satellite and they actually won!
pheww well hard work does paid.
Anyway, it is only a 30seconds video, I'm not willing to wait on you tube. Enjoy.

Isnin, 26 Mei 2008

Rantai Acoustic Night

Rantai Acoustic Night.

The show started at 6pm, an hour late, for sure because the bands took some time to set up their stuff. Opening act by Brainhead. Mr. Emcee by Abg Bandu;Funky Doryz.
Second act by Lovesick Avenue followed by Yuna- aww aww. Uih seriously she's got a really nice voice. Next, Ana Raffali i guess. Uh, tak ingat. Then Sundae, Miss Fynn and lastly Robot Asmara.
I waited until the end of the show which was aroun 10.45pm. Before that, i took some pictures w Bandu Funky doryz, Karipap tauke Click A Child, Nabilah Rdzi. It was fun and i wish i could join that acoustic night again. Ciao.

Sabtu, 24 Mei 2008

Friday Day and Night

On the evening, me an the rest of WTT celebrated our friend, sobrie's 15th birthday. It was an honour. HAHA, happy birthday sobrie!
And i missed the tepung telur session, oh, rugi. -.-
happy birthday again! :)
Time: 7pm till 12am.
Date: 22nd May 08
Venue: sec 13 field.
Condition:Mostly outcasted. :(
Yes , i went there last night, got a call from Nblh Radzi to accompany her to the barbecue. So, i arrived around 8.40pm. Seriously, at first i felt so outcasted. Yknw, like i knew nobody there. Then i met couple of friends i know. Yeah, i joined them, *buat muka tak malu* hugged them. Eventho we never met before. Oh, who cares. Oh, and then i met panahpetir, ahah fazlan (kasi credit en) ahah orang PAKAI. I actually felt comfortable talking w you. Ahah. Jangan kembang.
But the party was quite boring, besides taking pictures and chatting w friends, there's nothing i can do actually, and i decided to go home before i get even boring-er. Uh, anyway, we'll meet again.


Khamis, 22 Mei 2008

I'm Mourning!

Seriously, I'm not in a well condition. I'm so freaking sad and yes I'm in the mood to mourn. Wth, just read the reviews.
In the end it came down to football's version of Russian roulette.
And if sport does not come more dramatic then this neither does it come more cruel as Edwin van der Sar saved Nicolas Anelka's spot kick in the tensest of penalty shoot-outs to hand Sir Alex Ferguson and Manchester United the Champions League trophy for the second time.
So wrought were the emotions that Van der Sar was enveloped in a sea of red while Cristiano Ronaldo fell flat on his face in the centre circle of the Luzhniki Stadium, overwhelmed by his own penalty miss and the emotion of a frantic night.
The clock read a shade after 1.35am local time but the night was young as United's fans prepared to celebrate history in the making once more.
The dramatic circumstances of 1999 in Barcelona will always make Ferguson's first Champions League success unique.
But this was equally memorable.
For one, because it came 40 years after Sir Matt Busby first conquered Europe with United. For another, because in the stands of the Luzhniki stadium sat Sir Bobby Charlton, Albert Scanlon, Harry Gregg, Bill Foulkes, Kenny Morgans, all survivors of the Munich air crash and living, breathing monuments 50 years on of the disaster which has shaped so much of United's history.
One can only imagine the thoughts crossing their minds as once more Ferguson wrapped his arms around the trophy which links United old and United new and Charlton planted a tender kiss on the cheek of United captain Rio Ferdinand.
No doubt what Ferguson was thinking. At last king of Europe again. At last the proof that 1999 and all that was no fluke. At last his United side, perhaps the best of all his teams, have cemented his place as the greatest football manager Britain has ever seen.
Yes, I know Bob Paisley won three European Cups with Liverpool but he did not back it up with 10 Premier League titles in the way of Ferguson.
And neither did Liverpool thrill the senses like this United side in full flow.
Not that they ever reached full throttle in this final. Far from it. For great swathes of the match Chelsea were the masters. More powerful. More creative too. But when the first goal came after a tortuous first 26 minutes the United football was sublime.
A delightful one-two between Wes Brown and Paul Scholes saw United's right-back float in a cross which Ronaldo powered past Petr Cech into the net.
It was Ronaldo's 42nd goal of an extraordinary season and only confirmed his credentials as the world's best footballer.
To think there were those before this match who still queried his contribution on the grandest of occasions.
But while United would have increased their lead but for a spectacular double save by Petr Cech from Carlos Tevez and Michael Carrick this Chelsea team know how to battle.
They shrug off setbacks. So often they embrace true ambition only when faced with failure and the thrusting run of Michael Essien just before half-time said so much about their unity.
His shot cannoned off two defenders before reaching Frank Lampard who slid the ball past Edwin van der Saar for the equaliser before kissing his hand and pointing to heaven in an emotional gesture to his mum Pat who died recently.
It was that sort of final. Full of sentiment and emotion and passion too, although not always brimming with technical expertise. A typically tense Premier League-style encounter, if the truth be told.
One in which the crowd, who had braved the arduous journey, enormous expense and the dreariest of days in the Moscow rain, played their part.
But only one set of supporters could return with happy memories. And in the end it came down not to the attacking instincts of United's most blessed individuals, nor to Chelsea's team ethic.
It came down to the luck of the shoot-out. Pity that because Chelsea's power deserved to seize this day, especially when Didier Drogba hit the post with a curling shot sweet enough to win any final.
But then came extra-time. Lampard hit the bar, Terry headed clear a goalbound shot from Ryan Giggs.
Then, after Drogba had been sent off for slapping Nemanja Vidic in a senseless late spat, came the penalties.
And the saddest sight of all, Chelsea captain John Terry slipping as he struck the ball which would have secured glory after four teammates before him had scored.
Terry was inconsolable. United were euphoric.
As for Chelsea, Roman Abramovich slumped back in his seat and playfully grabbed at his heart. And for manager Avram Grant it could mean the end.
He has now overseen a most unwelcome hat-trick. A Carling Cup final defeat followed by final day Premier League disappointment. And now defeat in the one Abramovich wanted most.
Not many survive embarrassment in the Kremlin and Grant wore a face as deathly as the soldiers who guard Lenin's tomb here. No wonder. His future must be precarious following this latest setback just a short metro ride from Red Square.
Replacing Grant would be harsh but Abramovich has spent around £700m and that is a vast sum to be content with second place on all fronts.
May 21, 2008, however, will not be remembered for that. History will recall it as the night Ferguson secured greatness.

WTH, you've won on penalty shoots only, and btw, the weather was unwell causing the field wet. And yes, both teams played very well in my opinion.
Right now, let me enjoy some moment of relaxation and give me a little more time to mourn. Thanks.
this is not good. I'm going back to Malaysia.

Rabu, 21 Mei 2008

Journey To Moscow

Dear Diary,
"my journey to Moscow has been the greatest journey ever. Well, yesterday - May 19Th i took a 0045 flight to Moscow. Of course because i got 6 free tickets the UEFA finals which will be held at The Luzhniki Stadium . OMG, the flight was tiring but the journey was fantastic. Although i slept for about 8 hours then woke up and i was informed that there will be another 8 hours of journey. Demmit. Hhaha, then as the plane almost arrived at the city, i can already see the 'WOWS' places in Moscow. ha ha, i wondered how big the stadium will be.'

Ha ha, then, once i arrived, My mother's friend picked us up and brought to her home which was quite near to the stadium. How lucky. HAHA, then we went out to look for some snacks and to snap some pictures. Haiyaa, i tell you, although it hasn't been a day, but we already experiences food and health problems. The weather here is damn cold and we're freezing even though people keep saying 'GLOBAL WARMING'. Ceh, Europe doesn't feel like one.' And the food, looking great! Like, pizza spread with cheese, moist and sticky cheese. Aww, but we were worried about what's inside it, so my mum just make some salad and fried spaghetti."
Anyway, i better get going, I'm almost late for my tuition. I will write another 'diary' on my journey and trip to Moscow. aww aww Tonight, 2am I'll be right in front of the TV. Bye bye.

(Closing my blogspot and heading to my television) :'(

Ahad, 18 Mei 2008

Sri Aman's BOTB

Good morning manusia sekalian umat. How wow you?! It's 12:48pm and i just woke up. And yeah, yesterday i went to Sri Aman's botb, i arrived around 12.30 and i thought they will start sharp on 1pm, argh but it turned up we allowed to come in around 2.15pm. Pissed off doh. Aha, anyway, i don't blame the crews, then competing bands didn't make up the time punctually. Dang, there were so many people i met; right from the top people who i call friends till foes.

Nabilah,amalina,mia,siddiq,ayeen,frdaus,natasha(junior) and etc etc.
Tapi tapi kan, the botb started v v boring. 1st impression, regret gila beli ticket. Touring around the booth, i didn't have enough money pula.
The battle: haih. kesian aku tgk muka judges muke senyum goat and tension.
There was a band called ATLAS, aww sweet gile band tu.
Then suddenly! Ceh, cerita hangat. Haih.
There was a band called Happy Satellite, dang, they totally bring up the crowds. Started w 'are you gonna bring my girl' then people started to mosh. Gile bab ah. Haih, then the sri aman's security stopped their music. haha, gile ah, boleh byngkn security semua prmpuan, stopped the mosh huih. Gile ahh

but dem, i hv to go home by the event started to pump up! haih. Matematik pon tak sempat tgk, komplotl lagi. Anyway, see you guys later.
I'll be at Annexe for Rantai acoustic night. Bye.

Next blog, aku tunjuk video mosh. Hahah.

Jumaat, 9 Mei 2008

So Much Love

by The Rocket Summer.

take a listen en.
Hearts need a beat, like a wake needs a sea
Like a pen needs a page, to be right you need a mistake

Oh, yeahHearts need a mind,
like a clock needs the time
Like white needs black,
if you leave I hope you need to come back

Oh, I swear, I know, I believe it
Oh, I can't stop hearing all the singing
Oh, my soul has never had this feeling
And it feels like gold

You got so much love in you
You got so much love in you
I'm amazed that I'm talkin' to you
You look like the songs that I've heard my whole life coming true

Strike all the bells, hit 'em hard make 'em all yell
Celebrate that you made, lock us up yeah incarcerate oh!
Oh, I swear, I know, I believe it
Oh, I can't stop hearing all the singing
Oh, my soul has never had this feeling
And it feels like so, so

So much love in you
You got so much love in you
I'm amazed that I'm talkin' to you
You look like the songs that I've heard my whole life coming true
You got so much love in you
You got so much love in you
I'm amazed that I'm talkin' to you
You look like the songs oh, oh, oh, oh

Yeah, oh, c'mon, yeah... Ahh...
You got so much love in you
You got so much love in you
I'm amazed that I'm talkin' to you
You look like the songs that I've heard my whole life coming true

[x3]You got so much love in you
You got so much love in you
I'm amazed that I'm talkin' to you
You look like the songs oh, oh, oh, oh
slightly, if you take a closer look at the lyrics, wasn't it sweet? ahaha. I'm not trying to be romatically touched by the lyrics, but yeah takkan tak perasan? Hahaha. Take a listen to The Rocket Summer. Seriously menggoncang jantung. haha

Selasa, 6 Mei 2008

OOOOOOOO-hey Chelsea

By the name of God, for all the sake and love, ooohayy CHELSEA!

Please, dear black flavoured hearted people who've been keeping their revenge onto Chelsea, i bet you can shut your frigging smelly mouth.
Started with Ballack on minute of 61, nice free kick from Drogba crashed into the goal.
Tremendous happy in the meantime.
followed by Malouda, on 82 smashing the goal without any protected Newcastle's defenders. Gahh.
I'm so not good at commentating football match. As i watched the game, my eyes were deadly sleepy but they were wide open during the goals. Well, i believe even joy could cherish you just a moment. What else en,
ahaa, I'm so over Steven strait, now hooking up w Dougie Poynter.
serious man, no joke.


Khamis, 1 Mei 2008

Liverpool Suck!

When the the bull meets the eye!

ha ha, crap!
Chelsea WON!
Uefa; chelsea will meet Man United again!
whole bunch of restart of the other day game!
wahhhhhhhhhhh my mom's boyfriend made it all happen!
Chelsea FC finally achieved their dream of a place in the UEFA Champions League final by overcoming Liverpool FC on a night that resonated with high drama and heartfelt emotion. They were taken to extra time, where Didier Drogba scored his second goal after Frank Lampard, making his return to the side following the untimely death of his mother, had swung the tie back Chelsea's way from the penalty spot.
High drama
It made it all the more sweet that victory came at the expense of a Liverpool team who had proved their nemesis at this stage on two occasions in the previous three seasons and who drew level at 1-1 through Fernando Torres in the 64th minute. Having dispatched one English rival, Avram Grant's men will take on another in Moscow on 21 May where Manchester United FC await. The two clubs are virtually neck-and-neck in the race for the Premier League; now they will dispute superiority on Europe's grandest stage as well.
Chelsea charge
Despite the boost given them by John Arne Riise's last-gasp own goal in the first leg, Chelsea were clearly not interested in sitting on their advantage. After a day of incessant rain the surface proved troublesome, although Chelsea kept their feet better and their passes were more assured – Drogba stepping away from Jamie Carragher to unleash a powerful drive that Pepe Reina pushed away. Liverpool's first foray sparked a counterattack in which Yossi Benayoun found Steven Gerrard to set Torres clear, yet Petr Čech was swiftly out to make a smothering save.
Drogba breakthrough
The hosts continued to control proceedings and Reina was forced to sprint off his line to thwart Drogba, before being left exposed by Lampard's through pass only for the the Ivorian to drag his low shot beyond the far post. Liverpool's cause was scarcely helped when Martin Škrtel hobbled off to be replaced by Sami Hyypiä. The visitors looked vulnerable and it was no surprise when Chelsea went ahead. Salomon Kalou stretched the defence down the left and forced Reina into a flying save; Drogba was first on the scene and rifled an unstoppable drive in at the near post.
Torres response
The balance of the game changed perceptibly at the start of the second period as Liverpool suddenly began to push forward and only Čech's outstretched left leg kept Chelsea's lead intact. From a well-worked free-kick, Gerrard nodded on and Dirk Kuyt's flick was heading in before the goalkeeper intervened. Chelsea prepared for the expected onslaught yet came unstuck four minutes past the hour. Benayoun's driving run took him away from four defenders, resulting in a prodded pass through to Torres whose instant low shot found the bottom corner.
Extra-time excitement
Torres almost worked another scoring opportunity as Liverpool sought to exploit their advantage although Michael Essien came closest to averting extra time, shooting into the side-netting from an acute angle. The additional 30 minutes got under way at breathless pace, Hyypiä heading wide before Essien had a goal ruled out for offside by a team-mate. When Hyypiä's lunge felled Ballack in the 98th minute the referee immediately pointed to the spot and Lampard coolly converted, then broke down in tears amid a huddle of jubilant colleagues. Drogba seemed to have put the issue beyond doubt when he expertly turned in Nicolas Anelka's low centre in the 105th minute and, although Ryan Babel gave Liverpool late hope, the London club held firm to spark wild celebrations.
selepas ini, INI PULA!

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