Khamis, 17 Disember 2009

This is so cooool!


told ya i cried for something amazing,
and swear to God, i did cry.

Life Is Completely __________

Howdy! I guess I haven't been online for quite some time. Life's been pretty awesome, so far. The friend i had a fight before finally made up in a small photoshoot reunion over at Anis's. And so far, friendship is going on very well, while still maintaining the awkwardness after we got along, again, well you know who you are.

But you know, world can't be in complete silence if people doesn't know how to just shut it! Or spreading news in another term.

Okay, let me get this clear. Yes, I'm a girl in scarf, and usually put on some tight clothes. And that is me from day one, and seriously, I don't give a shit about what others might say about me. The fact that this sick little person (heard from reliable sources), been talking about friends I'm attached to is completely insane. Yes, Insane! People are being so judgmental nowadays, and that is why we can easily call it unfair, cause unfairness comes in handy, minus crime, minus cheating, bitchy is added. I am not going to critic on how my friends work their daily lives, we are friends, but our lives are completely different. Knowing that i'm a friend of those you said 'people' is precious, cause they can play their logical thinking based on what they experienced everyday. If they drink or practise one night stand, It is not others to bother. We are people, we were born to explore this world, gain its knowledge and fortune its moment. Everything we see is for us to learn, not to critisize. It'll only destroy oneself. Enough said.

Selasa, 17 November 2009

2012 interesting facts

2012 is expected to be year of great positive change. It is not the end of the world! Back in 1899 something was identified called Schumann Cavity Resonance. It is the heart beat or frequency of the Earth. Since its discovery till 1986 this heart beat frequency was constant 7.8 Hertz per second. From 1986 it started to raise dramatically and in 1998 it was reported to be 10 hertz per second. On other hand magnetics of the earth are dropping dramatically and it is expected they will reach zero point in 2012. Maya calendar and other calendars end in 2012, but it is not the end of the world just beginning of the new one since every 26000 years Earth goes through grand cycle of evolution.

source :

Jumaat, 13 November 2009

Celine Dion ft. Charice

I cried for something amazing.
And this vid touched me at the heart.

Khamis, 12 November 2009

Alyson Stoner

Alyson Stoner has taken the spotlight.

Rabu, 11 November 2009

Wetlook Photoshoot

After working 8 hours, non-stop, helping out my sister
in her assignments,
another busy day continues as to complete the fashion photography assignments.
Today's task: Wetlook Fashion

This photoshoot was taken place at Salamah's crib,
over at section 2 Shah Alam.
We arrived at 4pm and went straight to the pool.
Here a little sneak peek of the house,

Later, photoshoot session began.
Here are some photos taken during the photoshoot.
make up artist/art director

Photoshoot session ended at 6pm,
and then we were served with some tea and curry puff by Sal.
That's all for now.
It's a wrap!
I really need a break.

Selasa, 10 November 2009

Unpaid Job At The Moment

Most of my friends tend to seek
for a job during this 2 months of so-called-holidays.
Well, I'm not thinking of seeking for any,
more like taking a break from the dreadful
form 4 life, cause soon I'll be at form 5.

Anyway, in the making to be a form 5 students,
I told you before, that I have started
getting into this make up business.
Well, so called lah.

So, yesterday,
A photoshoot was held at Putrajaya
for my sister photography assignment.
Task: Outdoor Photography.

As usual, I was selected to be the make up artist,
but since I'm not that expert to do the diva outlook,
my cousin came and help me up.

Model:Eleena Hidayah

Arrived at Eleena's at 12.10pm, to do hair and make up.
Choosing outfits, 30 minutes.
3 outfits were selected,
street,formal & simple

Anywho, I thought hair and make up
won't take a long time.
Turned out,
we were lack of time.
By 2:30 we should get going, but still at 2, only 50% were settled.
Haha I wonder how modelling industry looks like,
must be a whacko situation if that occurs.

Later, at 2:35, my mum picked us up from Eleena's
and we went straight to Putrajaya.
A photo was taken inside the car;This one was the formal outfit.
Apparently, I can't put the assignment photos,
it is strictly prohibited.

Later we arrived at Putrajaya around 3.30pm
It was raining like hell and shows no sign of stopping.
But it did.
We did the photoshoot over at Alamanda's entrance and backyard landscapes.
After that, we went to the Wawasan Bridge
where street outfit is set to put on.

We went around Putrajaya quite awhile,
cause we didn't know which presint the bridge is located.
Pusing pusing gila babi punya, soon we found it.

As we arrived at the bridge,
semangat inkuiri memuncak.
Photoshoot time!
(again no photo)

As soon as the photog found the shots she already wanted
the crew took some chance to camwhore,

The Crew

The Crew + The Photog

Later, we found another perfect place
for a perfect shot to be taken.
Again, camwhore time!
The model + Hairdresser + Make Up Artist

The photoshoot went until 6:30
After everything was settled,
we headed to the mosque to perform Asar and Maghrib.
At 7:15, we all left Putrajaya with proud and excitement at the same time.
Sent Eleena home and headed to mamak for dinner.
That's all for now.

Tomorrow, wetlook photoshoot will be held
over at Salamah's at section 2.
Same model, same photog, diff make up artist.

Will update ASAP.

Khamis, 5 November 2009

Sajian Makan Malam

(sumber gambar : W302 sony)
Ya, ini sajian makan malam aku tempoh hari.
Sempoi tapi sedap hingga menjilat pinggan.
Nasi berlaukkan cili padi kicap sahaja.
Wow, bahang dia satu macam !
Biasalah, orang kampung.

Rabu, 4 November 2009

How it went when it was went ...

Suuup. Long time no see after a long long break from blogspot.
For the first post, I'm gonna wrap it up with Manglish.
Yes, Malay+English, even it's not in your dictionary.
Okay, where do I start?
Oh right RAYA.
My raya went very well this year, even though half of the family wasn't there,
but it still went as emotional as before.
And plus, the fact that this is 'atuk' 1st year of r.i.p,
everybody just got too emotional.
As well as I am. My sister captured this as soon
I asked forgiveness from my mother.

Later, we all headed to the 'embah-embah's' houses, beraya.
'Embah' means 'atuk' or 'nenek' in javanese.
Meanwhile, camwhore-ing time tetap ada!

On the third day of raya, I ran to Amai's raya BBQ,
which I thought everyone couldn't attend.
But I was wrong, everyone was actually there, strange.
Plus, I was genuinely happy my best friend,
Wahidah and Farhan were there.

As well as the rest of the boys, Siddiq, Amai and Azri.
That night we hung out at mamak until midnight,
course our moms didn't mind, since we've known each other since childhood,
except for Farhan. Haha

Later, tons of Open Houses were scheduled.
I managed to go to most of em',
and soon I realized I've gained some weight.

This one's at Farrah's.
This picture ala ala 'Gossip Girls' haha
even though I never watch it.
Everyone was like enjoying themselves.

Here's the 'tuan rumah', right in the middle,
Farrah Ezrin who managed to get her hair all permed up! Jealous meh!
And the exact same day, I suddenly became a 'psychopathic honest woman',
without all sudden felt really guilty towards Farah Asyura ( the lady in red floral kebaya above)
and admitted how I felt about her, back in the early of the year.
I really don't wanna to keep anything in between a friendship now, and yeah all went well.

It doesn't stops here!
Next, Atiq's Open House, plus house warming sekali,
with super huge house and amazing wallpapers.
I got to vain sekejap with his walpapers.
Gambar pasport kelas 2.
Over in his room, soft blue coloured, very warm and peace.
Rasa macam nak tidur situ.

Anis got to take the one with floral ornaments wallpaper, haha
jadi background gambar myspace lepas ni.

Few days later, my class hosted an open house,
specially for the teachers and classmates only.
Held at Salamah's crib, from day till night.
Awesomeness! Most of the teachers were there
and almost all classmates managed to attend.
Foods served were macaroni goreng, lasagna, rendang ayam,
kuah kacang, lontong, caramel and banyak lagi.
If I put the pictures here, karang korang terjilat monitor.

We also performed 'solat maghrib berjemaah' some of the boys,
who weren't really used to it terkedek kedek nak ikut sekali.
This is a huge thing to remember.

Before that, I managed to 'merempit' with those boys,
tapi naik scooter la, motor kapcai tak main dah,
enjin semua takda bunyi nyaring, vrrrom lebih!

Camwhore time!
Well, loads of pictures were taken, tapi tak best kalau letak.
Yang bawah ni sumpah minta kaki!
Ezzat Izzzuddin with nice huge shades,
posing dengan poyo and hidung kembang. Haaha

While Azril tried to be one of those Topman model,
with his tucked in shirt, macam lanch.
Nahh, you have the height, not the look! LMAO

During these times, I also get to know few new friends,
more like getting to get closer I think. This is Anis Haziqah, more like a friend of carriage.
We are so different, but truly we got along really well.

This is Amirah, or AMIRAWRRRRR
minah ni used to minta kaki from me, by calling me 'Pwincess'
FYI, I never had any emails pwincess_whatever, tipu semata mata!

This girl over here is Izzah Farihah. Most people said I look exactly like her,
except for she looks fairer than me.
But yeah, do you see any resemblance?
You be the judge.

After raya, examinations begin.
It's the time to pump up to get great results for the final year.
Results we'll be getting this year konon signifies masa depan, ceh.
Later after a week exam started, I went wall climbing with
Maryam Adila and his brother, Razman.
Lepas tension.
Picture before anything begins.
Everyone looked very very confident.
Haha, I don't want to comment on the other climbers.
None of my business.

My turn!
Began with the perfect colour and perfect climb,
soon when I almost reach to the top, kelam kabut cari warna.
Cuak, then went to the other colour, failed!
And all three attempts, disaster!
Never really finished with one colour.
But still, came down as a winner! Yeeeha

In the meantime of all the catastrophes,
I have encountered myself into this 'make up' business.
With noone lah, just my sister.
Haha, dah pokai cari adik buat assignment, memang senang ah!
Uh, em, it's a well taught experience.Began with Eleena Hidayah as the model,
for the high key, low key photoshoot, well, for the first time,
I think it was a success,
although it didn't showed up too much.

Later with Maryam Adila, with bollywood themed photo shoot and cover girl.
This is remarkably a success, cause I got to play with
shiny eyeshadow, and some blusher.
But I am still learning, and will never stop.
And this is what we did after the photoshoot,

Alright, that's all for now.
Trying to keep up as fast as I can
since I've abandoned this blogspot for quite a long time.
In addition, my cousin just put pictures of me at facebook
back when I was one year old,
I think it is really cool to be shared.Along with my momma and ayah.
The pipi cannot go.

And this one too!

Plus, someone told me to put up a picture of me
wearing school uniform,
since he never really sees me wear one.Align Center
Here you go, taken during solar stove competition,
I pretty much burnt in this one.

Till then, salam.

Isnin, 2 November 2009

Belum Bersedia

Belum bersedia nak update blog.
Masa amat amatlah terhad.
Penumpuan lebih diberikan kepada Twitter dan Facebook.
InsyaAllah jika diberi kesempatan,
masa akan diluangkan di sini.

Selasa, 29 September 2009

Menyorok Sebentar

Aku kini sibuk mengejar keduniaan,
bukan yang tidak baik,
tetapi yang baik.
Jadi, fokus pada si komputer perlu dialih tumpuan.
Pada 10-15 buah buku yang sangat membosankan.
Justeru, aku mengambil cuti buat sementara waktu dari alam maya ini.

Jumaat, 18 September 2009

Salam Aidilfitri

Khamis, 3 September 2009


puasa ke 13

  • naik 2 kg.
apa kata anda?
saya kata, "tiddaakk! nanti baju raya tak muat!"

Isnin, 24 Ogos 2009

Puasa Pertama

Puasa kali ini mungkin tidak semeriah dahulu, kerana ketiadaan arwah atuk seperti tahun tahun sebelumnya. Tapi sambutan puasa hari yang pertama tetap meriah:

Rendang itik

Juadah berbuka, kalau ikut ini masih sedikit.

Syasya dan najihah


Alhamdulillah, Ramadhan ini kami semua sempurna akal.

Khamis, 20 Ogos 2009

Yang ditunggu sudah tiba

Rabu, 19 Ogos 2009

Latest Buzz

Busy at the mo'
trying to keep up the undone work leftover fasting days.

Khamis, 6 Ogos 2009


Terkejut juga dengar sekarang, kematian H1N1 semakin meningkat. Rasa macam tak nak keluar rumah, kalau itu cara terbaik untuk jaga diri kesihatan diri sekarang.
Orang ramai mula demam tak tentu pasal, bukan sebab H1N1 lagi, tapi disebabkan jerebu yang amat tebal, sehingga mengganggu penglihatan seseorang.

Ingat tak dulu tahun 2005, bila jerebu yang paling teruk setakat ini yang diperkatakan, sehingga sekolah terpaksa di tutup, perintah darurat diisytihar?

Harap harap benda tu tak berulang, bukannya apa, PENAT!

penat sebab sakit, batuk tak henti, hingus meleleh sepanjang masa dan mata merah memanjang.
kalau diri ni nak bergantung kat ubat sahaja, bila masa pula duit ni tak habis?
haih, doa dan tawakal juga yang kita cari akhirnya.
Orang sekarang lupa pada dia si Pencipta, lupa berdoa, lupa meminta.
Bila sakit, baru ingat, ISH!

nanti tengok 2012, jangan baru terfikir nak bertaubat!

Sabtu, 25 Julai 2009


Malas kemas bilik, malas lipat baju, malas buat kerja sekolah, malas basuh kain, malas cuci pinggan, malas MyBook, malas blogging, malas twitter-ing,

tapi rajin tengok tv.

Nanti dah dapat tenaga batin yang kuat,
InsyaALLAH aku update balik.


Khamis, 16 Julai 2009

Kenapa Kita Jangan Buat Orang Marah?

  1. Supaya kita tidak kena marah balik.
  2. Supaya kita tidak mengalami tekanan mental.
  3. Supaya kita tidak terkencing di dalam seluar (sebab dah cuak sebenarnya)
  4. Supaya kita tak naik marah semula
  5. Supaya kita tidak melakukan sebarang reaksi di luar jangkaan (naik tangan mungkin)
  6. Supaya kita tidak mengalami tekanan emosi.
  7. Supaya kita tidak dibenci.
  8. Supaya kita tidak menjadi target seterusnya.
  9. Supaya kita dapat berada dalam kondusi yang selesa pabila bertemu orang itu semula.
  10. Supaya kita tidak buat dosa.
Faktor aku bangkitkan isu ini, sebab aku amat takut tempoh hari, tatkala berada di sekolah, Makmal Fizik 1, Kelas Mama Biha. Siapa tahu, shh.

Mama mungkin bad mood ketika itu, jadi masuk kelas je, satu kelas kena marah, termasuk budak tingkatan 3 yang mahu bertanyakan soal perkara perkemahan.

Jujur aku bilang, hati aku amat berdebar bila dia naik angin, tatkala perkataan seperti 'kurang ajar' dan 'sombong' keluar dari mulutnya.

Rasa macam tak berkat pula nak belajar kalau dia tengah marah.

Haih, macam ni, bagaimana nak masuk ilmu fizik dalam otak?
Barangkali lebih banyak ilmu biologi, tatkala kami sekelas fikir dia sedang meniti perubahan horm*n.

Siapa lagi yang pernah kena?


Isnin, 13 Julai 2009

Matematik Tambahan Part Three

Harini blur sangat,
apa cikgu ajar, aku tak dapat catch up
Barangkali kerana jerebu,
jadi aura mengantuk tu kuat betul.
Harap harap lepas ni darurat pula,
lepas kena kuarintin.
No school......!

p/s: sekarang season orang ganti puasa, aku pula rasa macam puasa sebab tak boleh makan depan orang puasa.

Jumaat, 10 Julai 2009


Hari ni aku nak menangis
sebab jadual baru kelas macam cibai.
Tadi test add maths;
nak menangis keluar air mata nanah.
F1 mungkin tak jadi,
nak menangis air water cooler,
sebab menangis gembira kot?

atau tidak

Jumaat, 3 Julai 2009

Hello Boyfriend

Blogspot ini boyfriend aku.
Lama tak jumpa,
sebab aku ada boyfriend baru,
namanya F1.

F1 ni lahir dekat Germany, bapak dia nama Kayu Balsa, nama ibu Litar Lumba. Tengok nama korang tahu anak jati german. F1 ni bersifat agresif, dan sangat tegas orangnya.
Sebab dia sekarang aku selalu tidur pukul 2 pagi, habiskan kredit duit dan juga menghadap komputer 20jam. Memang gila, tapi sebab aku nak dia, aku tetap sanggup buat apa saja. Jadi, aku harap hubungan ni maintain sampai 3 Ogos dan seterusnya.

Mampukah Munifah lakukannya?
anda yang tentukan.

Selasa, 16 Jun 2009

Teka Selebriti 1#

Saja buat teka teki, boring sangat.
Popular dengan drama Gracie's Choice di Hallmark
Juga pelakon Veronica Mars

Selamat berjaya.

putus asa?

Perasaan Dinikala

Lagu terbaik menggambarkan perasaan aku sekarang :

barangkali kerana:
  • Kecewa dengan Adam Mitchel Lambert
  • Terkejut melihat perubahan Kelly Clarkson
  • Semakin bertambah geli dengan Cik Hilton
ehhhh takdelah, itu berita sampingan je.

Tapi mungkin aku sedang bicara sayang tentang seseorang, siapa tahu?

Isnin, 15 Jun 2009

Bila sekolah dah buka semula...

  • Rasa boring memanjang, mungkin sebab cuti sekolah best umpama belon berwarna warni
  • Liat bangun pagi, barangkali kerana cuti sekolah bangun pun matahari dah tegak atas kepala
  • Rasa lapar memanjang, kerana cuti sekolah makan tanpa had umpama tiada hari esok. Biasalah, kadang kadang aku pegang ayat ni 'LIVE TO EAT, not eat to live'
  • Aku dah lupa semua yang aku sudah belajar, sebab mood cuti sedang menari rancak dalam otak
Aku dah kata banyak kali,
Cuti sekolah ni kebanyakannya tak membawa apa apa perubahan mood, walaupun selepas peperiksaan pertengahan tahun. Hal ini kerana, cuti sekolah rasa macam kosong, ibarat botol susu tiada isi. Bukan itu saja, tapi aku juga hampir separuh gila bila dilanda kebosanan, sampai muntah muntah dan pening pening. Aku rasa aku ada penyakit bulesan (bulemic+bosan).

Tambahan lagi, bukak sekolah aku dah kena heart attack, tatkala penerimaan keputusan peperiksaan yang sangat mengecewakan. Tapi orang kata aku akan biasa dengan result macam ni. Doa doa!

Dalam masa yang sama, aku menerima satu berita yang sangat mengejutkan. Hal ini berlaku semasa aku di kampung, menonton saluran 712 di astro. Hero yang aku sangka HERO akhirnya mengaku status seksualitinya. "I'm gay and I'm very comfortable with it" Itulah yang dinyatakan oleh Adam Mitchel Lambert, hero harapan yang cukup menghampakan. Lama lama aku fikir, adakah lagi lelaki lurus dalam dunia ni, pendek cerita, Malaysia? Takut. .

Kesempatan ini juga, aku ingin memohon maaf kepada semua kawan-kawan yang aku tak berkesempatan untuk jumpa ketika cuti tempoh hari, kesulitan yang berlaku tidak dapat dielakkan. Maaf zahir batin.

Selamat Hari Hari

Ahad, 7 Jun 2009

I won the fucking bet!!!

here i announce that I've just won the freaking Battle of Passion,
since Maryam Adila officially logged into her myspace account on June 7th.
Therefore, come on baby!
your RM 15 bucks just flew away to me ,
where you should spend on Venti sized Starbucks Frap, JUST FOR ME.
Hahaha, sounded lame,
but apparently, we even hard to get RM 15 a day.
So, what a pleasure.
Thanks again to my fellow friends,
who I believe supported me through the lame vote.
Mucho Gracias.

Khamis, 4 Jun 2009

Munifah Putri vs. Maryam Adila

The Battle Of Passion.

This is an announcement.
The Battle Of Passion started on the last 31st May 2009.
To be informed, this battle is about
not to sign in into your myspace account
and try to
keep the last login as long as possible.

And in this case,
the battle has started between
Munifah Putri and Maryam Adila.

who do you think will win?
vote now.

look upon your right to vote.
please do.

Sabtu, 23 Mei 2009

Pengakuan Lagi, Yang Ni Nak Canang Satu Blogspot

Hari Ini
Sabtu; 23 Mei 2009

Pengakuan 1
Kelas seni aku berlangsung selama 5 jam, wow! Best

Pengakuan 2
Balik dari kelas seni, aku tensi gila, lalu tonton filem hindustan, Mujse Dosti Karoge.
So sweet. Tengok muscle Hritik Roshan.

Pengakuan 3
Aku, Maryam dan Nabilah berjogging dari 9 ke 13. Meletihkan, tetapi, bagus,
lantas sampai di Skatepark, kami ber-rock climbing. Abang-abang rock climbing (peliknya)
kata kami hebat, sebab lepas jogging terus naik batu, hebat tuuu.
Haha, kami mungkin pendek, tapi KUAT!

Pengakuan 4
Aku jumpa Hafiz, Yazid dan Isma AF5 di skatepark 13, Akim pun ada, celebrate birthday anak Isma kot, tapi yang tak boleh belah, bila Hafiz pandang kitorang, semua control ayu,
tapi bila balik, masuk kereta mak aku, semua MENJERIT MACAM NAK MELAHIRKAN!

Pengakuan 5
Aku in-love dengan Hafiz AF. Ini magik.

Satu Pengakuan / Lebih Dari Satu Barangkali

Pengakuan Minggu Ini. (18/5 - 22/5)

Pengakuan 1

Aku tak suka orang meniru, paling pantang dalam peperiksaan. Bukan nak canang satu kampung aku baik sangat, jujur, tapi bila kita tahu seseorang meniru, kita rasa semua usaha selama ni macam tidak berbaloi.
Tunggulah SPM.

Pengakuan 2
Aku sedih Kris Allen menang AI, jujur Adam Lambert jauh lebih hebat, as in HEBAT! bukan bagus, tapi HEBAT. Jadi aku mahu berkabung buat sementara, pakai tudung warna hitam. (i always do)

Pengakuan 3
Aku rasa rindu tonton filem Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, saat air mata dan hingus meleleh,
muka cembeng dan tisu di tangan. Teringat darjah 2.

Pengakuan 4
Aku bangun pukul 4 pagi semata mata untuk mengulangkaji matapelajaran Pendidikan Seni Visual. Lihatlah betapa semangatnya aku. Akhir sekali, apa pun tak ingat. Bagus.

Pengakuan 5
Aku tengok ulangan nyanyian Adam, No Boundary di finale berulang - ulang kali di Youtube.

Pengakuan 6
Aku gelak melihat jawapan Sejarah kertas 2 aku, sebab jawapan tahapape.

Pengakuan 7
Aku merajuk dengan kawan rapat aku selama sehari tak pandang muka nya semata mata untuk menguji kesabaran dan keimanannya. hahaha. (YE LAH TU)

Cukuplah sampai sini,
mata aku sudah menggunung taik.
InsyaALLAH, besok update.


Khamis, 7 Mei 2009

Myspace Term Exam/ Mid Term Exam

Macam mana ni ya?
satu masalah besar ni.

nanti tahun depan aku duduki Sijil Pelajaran Myspace, bukan Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia.
Lepas tu result macam lancau, tahu menangis.

Ayat yang keluar, 'KALAU lah aku baca buku...'
memang pelempang mari!

Tolong berikan satu tips hindari myspace, aku sudah ketagih.
Jarum jarum, kasi bius!

P/S :
kawan aku kata kalau taknak kasi bunga fresh layu, letak panadol dalam air.

Sekarang apa sudah jadi?Hampeh.

Khamis, 30 April 2009

Kenapa: facebook macam myspace/ myspace macam facebook?

Part Status yang tak boleh bla.
Yang hairannya, sebijik sama dah sekarang ni! Haha, kalau dulu, myspace transform dari satu pembaharuan ke satu pembaharuan, tapi sekarang macam klon sudah.

Lepas ni orang tanya aku tengah buat apa, aku cakap aku online 'MYBOOK'.
Advance terus sekali dua. Yang tak faham, Wallahualam.

Peniup Belon

Foto saya
Shah Alam - Seri Iskandar, Selangor - Perak, Malaysia
berkarya untuk kepuasan

Makhluk Tuhan