Khamis, 17 Disember 2009

Life Is Completely __________

Howdy! I guess I haven't been online for quite some time. Life's been pretty awesome, so far. The friend i had a fight before finally made up in a small photoshoot reunion over at Anis's. And so far, friendship is going on very well, while still maintaining the awkwardness after we got along, again, well you know who you are.

But you know, world can't be in complete silence if people doesn't know how to just shut it! Or spreading news in another term.

Okay, let me get this clear. Yes, I'm a girl in scarf, and usually put on some tight clothes. And that is me from day one, and seriously, I don't give a shit about what others might say about me. The fact that this sick little person (heard from reliable sources), been talking about friends I'm attached to is completely insane. Yes, Insane! People are being so judgmental nowadays, and that is why we can easily call it unfair, cause unfairness comes in handy, minus crime, minus cheating, bitchy is added. I am not going to critic on how my friends work their daily lives, we are friends, but our lives are completely different. Knowing that i'm a friend of those you said 'people' is precious, cause they can play their logical thinking based on what they experienced everyday. If they drink or practise one night stand, It is not others to bother. We are people, we were born to explore this world, gain its knowledge and fortune its moment. Everything we see is for us to learn, not to critisize. It'll only destroy oneself. Enough said.

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